Losing to Live!


The Motivation

In response to a news article by Luis Hernandez in The Visalia Times-Delta News on September 29, 2016, which read, in part, The Visalia-Porterville metropolitan area was ranked as the least healthy city in the state, according to a report issued by an East Coast-based financial news and opinion company,” Woodland Drive Baptist Church, Visalia, is launching the internationally known faith-based weight-loss competition, Losing to Live, this January.

Statistics show that Christians are the most overweight people group in America. Losing to Live has been designed to confront and solve this problem. This program will show the participants how to lose weight and keep it off through establishing a Bod4God lifestyle.

The Program

The Losing to Live weight-loss program has been featured on local, national, and international media including FOX News and CNN, as well as the front pages of the Washington Post and Chicago Tribune.

The Losing to Live weight loss competition takes place over a twelve-week period of time. Each participant is assigned to a team. Team meetings occur once per week. All participants have the same goal, which is to fight against obesity as they compete with team members and other teams. This competition offers participants an opportunity to lose weight in a fun and supportive environment.

There are three unique aspects of Losing to Live that make it so effective.

  • It is a biblical program. You will learn how to apply the Bible to your life in the area of losing weight and improving your health.
  • It is a personal program. You will learn how to craft your own individual lifestyle program.
  • It is an incremental program. You will learn how to choose “Small Steps To Life” that will slowly but surely lead you to lasting life change.

Losing to Live has helped thousands of people lose tons of weight. So, don’t try and lose those holiday pounds by yourself as the New Year begins. Come and join a team of losers.



Welcome word.


The Location

Woodland Drive Baptist Church is located at 1436 S Woodland Street, Visalia (South of Tulare Ave and North of Walnut Ave, just West of Mooney Blvd.).

For more information, contact the church office at (559) 733-2952.